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How the “GOT MILK” Campaign Became a Total FAILURE
Do the Opposite and Watch Your Income Soar!

One of the most beloved marketing campaigns of all time is really a classic example of what NOT to do.

Instead, answer the unspoken OBSTACLES your prospects have and the income floodgates will open wide for you.

Boost Your Income by Better Defining Your IDEAL Client
Stop Talking About Yourself in Your Ads and Talks

Who is ready to be your client or patient

Could you explain how this person is different from everyone else?

The better you can explain WHO is ready right now, the easier it will be to attract these people.

TEXT MESSAGING Boosts Income for Top Therapist

One of the most successful therapists in the nation told me he added this phrase to his website… “Text us if you have questions…” followed by his phone number, and sales increased.
It boosted his business not just with young people, but in all age groups.

Conversions skyrocketed EVEN MORE by answering the text message with a call rather than a text. When his people answered their questions with a TEXT message, 1 in 5 became clients. When they answered by actually CALLING the potential client with an answer, conversions jumped to 3 in 5 becoming patients.

Most texts were questions about price.

Try this with your own website and ads. You may be surprised at how many people considering your product or service, enjoy TEXTING their questions to you.