5 HOT QUESTIONS That Help You Win More Clients, EASIER

With our consulting company, I remember working so hard to convince prospects to buy from us. It was tough to find the right thing to say to each prospect.

Then, almost by accident, my brother asked, “When you present, what are the most important questions you need answered?” It took a while, but I came up with 5 key questions.

I’m NOT talking about sales questions.

Rather, what did I need to know about my prospect and his or her situation to determine whether they have a need my product or service satisfies?

Try this for yourself. See if you can come up with 5 basic questions that get your client to define out loud what their current situation is.

With THE RIGHT QUESTIONS, the client will start explaining in detail how he or she desperately needs the type of help you offer. Then, all you need to do is show or talk about what’s relevant to the need that got uncovered.

Of course, you must be genuinely curious, and a good listener, so you could hear what they really want.

But, if you could uncover the RIGHT QUESTIONS—your winning of new clients will become dramatically simplified.

Here’s a secret to this:

Ask yourself, once they become a client, what questions will you ask them to more fully understand their situation and needs, as if your consulting has already started?

This sounds basic but it is not. There’s an element of REGRESSIVE THERAPY that can help, where you take them back to how things used to be, how they are now, and how they’d love them to be if they could get what they REALLY want.

Try coming up with 5 key questions like this and I bet your presentations will dramatically improve, as they did for us.

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