Win MORE CLIENTS Easier by Defining WHO You Really Want

Okay. Let’s say you’re in a networking meeting with 200 people. What would you say?

Most people get this all wrong. That’s why most people generally leave networking events with no clients and have ads that deliver no results, even when REAL buyers are present who are desperate RIGHT NOW for what you offer.

The reason is simple.

Most marketers get so caught up explaining what they do, they forget to say WHO they’re looking for.

The problem is, most marketers CANNOT tell you who exactly is ideal to be a customer right now.

What does someone who’s ready to buy look like? How is that person different from everyone else?

So here’s my challenge to you.

Prepare for being in a room with 200 people, where four people are ready and desperate for your product or service RIGHT NOW.

Could you describe who they are?

Could you describe it in such a way that they would recognize you’re talking about them?

If you’re like most marketers, you’re spending too much time talking about YOURSELF and what YOU do.

Instead, try this.

Say, “My name is ___ and my company does ___. Is there anyone out there who has such a big problem with ___ that they find themselves frustrated or worse? There’s a really simple solution, and I’d love to show it to you.

“So raise your hand (or click this link, or call this number now) and I’ll show you exactly how we’ve solved this problem for so many other people.”

See how that works? Describe what someone who’s ready to buy right now looks like, and real buyers will be more attracted to you and your message.

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